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TOEFL Speaking Question (April 13, 2019)

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Memories of TOEFL Speaking Questions (4.13) and Sample Answer. Task 1: If human beings were not able to live on the Earth because of pollution, where would you like to live? A. The surface of ocean; B. Polar areas; C. Other planets, like Moon or Mars. If I were to choose a place for human […] Read More »

These mistakes could make you fail the TOEFL test

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Preparing for TOEFL iBT is a very arduous journey. Very often, students put a lot effort into the preparation stage, and participate in the test with confidence, yet, because of the neglect of little details at the test site, the result is a failure of the test! You must have a full understanding of the […] Read More »

2018 TOP 100 University Ranking (US News)

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Here is the ranking list for the 2018 TOP 100 University World Wide Rank Name Country/ Region 1 Harvard University United States 2 Massachusetts   Institute of Technology United   States 3 Stanford University United States 4 University   of California–Berkeley United   States 5 University of Oxford United Kingdom 6 California   Institute of […] Read More »

TOEFL Score Requirements

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Score Requirements The four sections of TOEFL: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, score 30 points each, totaling 120 points. TOEFL Results and Levels SECTION LEVEL SCORE RANGE Reading or Listening High 22-30 Intermediate 15-21 Low 0-14 Speaking Good 26-30 Fair 18-25 Limited 10-17 Weak 0-9 Writing Good 24-30 Fair 17-23 Limited 1-16 The TOEFL test […] Read More »

The advantages and scope of the TOEFL test

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The TOEFL test is an authoritative English language proficiency test in more than 130 countries and regions around the world, recognized by more than 10,000 institutions of higher learning. Official ETS information shows that four-fifths of US college admissions officers use the TOEFL test as the first choice for all English proficiency tests. Of candidates […] Read More »